Where Are They Now SI Poster Cropped
Illustration by Felipe Flores

‘A League of Their Own’ Endures Because It’s Personal – Sports Illustrated


As the film turns 30 years old and a new series awaits its premiere on Prime Video, the material feels as resonant as ever.

Each summer Sports Illustrated revisits, remembers and rethinks some of the biggest names and most important stories of our sporting past. Come back all week for more WHERE ARE THEY NOW? stories.

The ballfield is modest. Still, it’s clear that it is cherished. The grass is cut short and the dirt kept neat, and the wooden benches in the dugouts are new, installed by the local Boy Scouts. There are bleachers that can sit a few hundred if they squeeze. Save for a handful of identifying details—one sign on the scoreboard, another over the old ticket booth, a collection of historical markers on the sidewalk—this might pass for any municipal field.

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